Spent 6 years building a multimodal spoken dialog system and made a lot of mistakes to learn from on the way. I have worked on all parts of the system including Speech Recognition servers using Kaldi, telephony servers, WebRTC, mobile clients using React Native, Face Recognition with OpenCV, databases and more. I worked with a lot of different technologies and frameworks such as Docker, AWS, serverless, Redis, MySQL, Bash, Celery, Flask, etc. and am confident I can learn whatever it is that I have to know. I have coauthored several papers you can find on my Google Scholar account.

When I do not try to talk to my computer, I like to develop small games in Unity3D, try out new technology and find the newest restaurant in town. I do enjoy continuous learning and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UC Davis.

Professionally, I am a Research Engineer in the R&D division at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in San Francisco. I lead the engineering efforts in the design and development of the spoken dialog system HALEF and contribute to research research in computer assisted language learning and behavioral assessment.